let me know, give me a hint about the future. a glimpse, a clue, anything. or at least tell me if i’m moving in the right direction. i don’t know how other people do it. being far away from each other yet their love stay just the same. perhaps it’s the people who changes with time and distance; not love. and that is my biggest fear. so please stay the same, no matter how far it will be or how long it might take.

Jan 23 12:33
and who is the one you’re clinging to, instead of me tonight? where are you now, now that i need you?
― emotion, destiny’s child

Jan 16 12:06

i remember watching you laughing and smiling from the passenger’s side. i stared cautiously, afraid of getting caught for stealing glances at you but you know dear, i wish time would stop then so that i could look at you forever. it’s hard, this long distance relationship. absence not only makes the heart grows fonder, it gives so much pain of missing you. i just, miss you. 

Jan 15 9:07
You make me so happy like no one else could

Dec 30 12:30
All I want is you, love. And all I love is you. Thank you for loving and trusting me.

Dec 24 12:49
We’re all traveling through time together
Every day of our lives
All we can do is do our best
To relish this remarkable ride
― How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding

Dec 18 9:39
i miss you even when you’re near, i long for you even when you’re next to me. so tell me what do i do when you’re far away? what should i do when you’re not by my side?

Dec 17 5:00 with 2 notes
so if you really love me, come on and let it show.

Dec 12 1:16
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