people always ask if it is hard to maintain a long distance relationship. they want to know how i go through it and how does it feel. i don’t have an answer for them because i couldn’t find one. if only they know the feeling of incomprehensible longing for the person you love the most. if only they know how i cried at nights, especially the loneliest ones, having the sweetest memories on my mind. if only they know my insecurity of being forgotten, or not being missed, or changing hearts, or wavered love. if only they know how i wish time could stop back then when i had the happiest smile just because you were there. i am scared when they say distance and time makes people forget. and when they asked, i smiled and deep down inside i prayed that we will get through this together.

Mar 30 23:05 with 2 notes

let me know, give me a hint about the future. a glimpse, a clue, anything. or at least tell me if i’m moving in the right direction. i don’t know how other people do it. being far away from each other yet their love stay just the same. perhaps it’s the people who changes with time and distance; not love. and that is my biggest fear. so please stay the same, no matter how far it will be or how long it might take.

Jan 23 12:33
and who is the one you’re clinging to, instead of me tonight? where are you now, now that i need you?
― emotion, destiny’s child

Jan 16 12:06

i remember watching you laughing and smiling from the passenger’s side. i stared cautiously, afraid of getting caught for stealing glances at you but you know dear, i wish time would stop then so that i could look at you forever. it’s hard, this long distance relationship. absence not only makes the heart grows fonder, it gives so much pain of missing you. i just, miss you. 

Jan 15 9:07
You make me so happy like no one else could

Dec 30 12:30
All I want is you, love. And all I love is you. Thank you for loving and trusting me.

Dec 24 12:49
We’re all traveling through time together
Every day of our lives
All we can do is do our best
To relish this remarkable ride
― How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding

Dec 18 9:39
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